We recommend students raise support or have other funds set aside prior to coming to the college  to cover their tuition and program costs. 

If donations are made to the general scholarship fund those funds are distributed among the students by the scholarship committee.

While it is an eventual goal, we do not yet qualify to receive Federal Student Aid (FSA) or GI Bill funding. 

  •  The projected costs for the Bachelor of Science degree in Missions with an emphasis in Aviation is less than $60,000. 
  •  This includes 120 credit hours of academics 
  •  250 flight/simulator hours in single engine aircraft to qualify for private pilot, instrument rating and commercial license.
  • Students are highly encouraged to pursue the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) certification as well.  
  •  Single student housing is available in the dorm and is calculated in the above figure. 

While it is possible to complete this accelerated program in 24 months it is more feasible to plan on 30 months for a full time student. 

We are focused on one goal and that is to educate and train pilots for the mission field. 

Students receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Missions with an emphasis in aviation as well as a commercial pilot license. 

  •  Be called to the mission field as a missionary pilot.  
  •  in agreement with the Statement of Faith
  •  High school graduate 
  •  medically qualified for pilot license (to be completed prior to admission) 
  • Dorm style accommodations with kitchens 
  • An RV park nearby has parking slots available for married students 

No, we are currently unable to accept foreign students.  

Yes, we currently have high school students who are dual enrolled.  

Transfer credits will be evaluated on a case by case basis


The College of Missionary Aviation uses its resources as a platform to create positive change on an international level. We have an aircraft undergoing inspection/registration in Costa Rica ….


The College of Missionary Aviation is a Christ-centered community of students, dedicated to “training and education for the purpose of carrying the gospel to the world”.